Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom trees

Here's hoping for warmer weather!  5th grade is working on these beautiful cherry blossom trees.  We studied cherry blossoms and trees on the activboard and then discussed blending and "not" mixing the paint for their blossoms.  We used pink, red, and lots of white to create the flowers.  I encouraged them to dip a corner of the brush in pink and the other corner in red.  Dab the blossom onto a branch, then dab white on top of that. They have all turned out so beautiful!


  1. Wow- these are stunning! So much movement to these and the blossoms look so realistic. Thanks for sharing the technique!

  2. How did you get the branches to look like that? I would love to try this with my grade 5s!

  3. Hi Brianna!

    Thanks for your comment! We used watered-down tempera and straws to blow the paint into branches. You could also use ink but I wanted something washable! :)