Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grant Wood Pumpkin Farms!

I found this unique lesson plan from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists!  She has a fantastic blog that I love to visit often! Check it out here.  We discussed the artist Grant Wood and looked at several of his rural landscape paintings.  We discussed depth and many of the elements of art, such as line, shapes, colors, space, and value.  We also learned how to show perspective and point of view just by placing objects in certain places on the page and making them smaller or larger.

First we drew our pumpkin farms together and traced over our pencil lines with permanent marker...

 Then I had students color only specific parts of the picture with crayons, encouraging them to color dark and heavy.  "COLOR IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!"

Last we painted with an acrylic wash of three shades of green, one for each hillside and blue for the sky.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Third grade giraffes

Art By Me 2012 is complete!  Finishing up with third grade's giraffe drawings!  We used something new for these, Crayola Color Sticks.  I was quite impressed with the durability and brightness of the colors.  They are basically colored pencils without the wood, so there's no sharpening!  The only drawback is the limited colors, so we mixed in regular color pencils for variety!  We also painted the background with a watercolor wash for a beautiful blue sky!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Leather from paper?!?

I love doing this project with students, it's so easy and tons of fun!  We made "leather" from paper!  This idea comes from my own education experience!  I remember doing this many years ago as a kindergarten student!

We spent the first day just creating the leather.  We'll add more decoration to it later and I'll post pictures again.

4th grade lighthouses

4th graders have been working hard on their North Carolina lighthouses in art.  We discussed lighthouses and looked at many examples, focusing on the ones in North Carolina since they will also be studying North Carolina history in their classroom.  I let students choose the design they wanted for the stripes after looking at many examples.  They had to make their stripes black and white, but I let them choose whatever color they wanted for the top of the lighthouse. Lastly, we painted the sky with a watercolor wash.

The diamond pattern is particularly difficult, this student did an excellent job on the diamond pattern!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5th grade "Art By Me" parrots

Fifth grade is doing an awesome job on their parrots for Art By Me! We discussed blending with colored pencil, something they've been doing with me for years, and they are getting good at it! We also talked about layering objects to create the background Here are few for you to enjoy!  There were so many great ones I wish I could post them all!

Second Grade "Art By Me" project

Second grade's hummingbirds turned out spectacular!  We read Little Green, by Keith Baker and our drawing is based on that.  I got this idea from a wonderful fellow art teacher and friend, Betsy Lewis!  Thanks Betsy!

Art By Me fundraiser is underway!

I am always excited this time of year about the Art By Me fundraiser.  Art By Me is a fabulous program that turns my student's artwork into beautiful keepsakes!  It makes great gifts for Grandma too!  Who doesn't love a 5 year old's handprints?!  I'd cover my house with them if I could, though I'm quite sure my neighbors would think I'd lost it! :)  Here are a few of Kindergarten's stamped handprints.

I love the bumblebees in this one!

 This student REALLY got it when I asked them to make their stems thick!  Perfect for the size of these flower tops!