Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Abstract sunsets 2014

I posted these last year from my 4th graders and this year I thought they turned out even better!  We started with drawing the sunset and waves, then traced in permanent marker.  Painting with watercolor, we used cool colors for the water and warm colors for the sunset.  After the paint dried, we used colored pencils to add patterns and thicken our black lines to give the appearance of stained glass.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tea cups in progress...

I am loving these tea cups! This was the first group I started with and I had cut their paper down to 6" by 18" so they look a little different, but still so cute!  I also discovered later to use the rectangle as in my previous post so we could avoid the shrinking tea cups!  Although it's a neat effect as well!  I will post more as the other classes using 12" by 18" paper are finishing up!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


This is the project that never ends!  Seems like we've been working on these zebras in kindergarten forever!  I think the end result is worth it though!  Have a look!

Each set of stripes was one lesson so you can imagine how long these took! :)

Stacked teacups

A recent visit to Disney World and the famous spinning teacups were the inspiration for this project!  I'll post the steps we took first and the finished examples later!  
We used rectangles with a 6" edge to determine how wide to make the top of each cup.

Continue stacking until you get to the top of the page and then finish the ellipse for the top cup.

Decorate with whimsical patterns!  These are turning out so well, I can't wait to share them!