Monday, April 15, 2019

More glazed coil pots, gnomes, and tiny houses!

Opening the kiln is like opening a Christmas gift every time during these glaze firings!  I am so proud of my students' work on their ceramic pieces.  I have to admit I was a little worried about those gnomes and houses, but they are turning out amazing!  We had a just a few casualties during the greenware and bisque firing phase, but we were able to make a lot of the repairs during the glaze firings.
All loaded up and ready to put in the display case!

Students had the option to put something in their gnomes hands or arms.  We had fish, birds on nests, nests with eggs in them, ice cream cones, flowers, and even a baby gnome!  They were so creative!

One tiny house even looked like one of HGTV's tiny homes. :)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

First round of glaze firings - 6th grade coil pots!

I had planned to wait until I had more pieces ready to post, but these are so beautiful I had to post a few pics! This project has been a lengthy process, between all of the steps and so many students missing days for the flu that hit our county hard.  Now the weather has turned warm and everything outside is blooming and beautiful, just like these amazing pieces!

I know... those paper sculptures have lived in the display case for a while, but they looked so great with the pottery so I left a few. :)

In case you missed my previous post, the underglazes made our pieces look like this:
 Easter pottery anyone? 

Then we coated with a few coats of clear, which really made my students anxious! The clear gloss glaze has an aqua tint that completely covers their beautiful colors, but fires clear.  I had to reassure them over and over that it would not ruin their colors! 

These houses, along with 7th grade’s gnomes, are in the kiln firing to their beautiful splendor as I type! More pics to come! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Glazing day!

Glaze is going on our ceramic pieces this week!  The kids are so excited. They've been begging for weeks to glaze their pottery, but I wanted to have everything done and fired first.  We are using underglazes for color, because I have a TON of them in my storage room, and then we will coat everything with clear glaze tomorrow.

I almost wished they stayed these pastel Easter colors!  Ha!

Love this rainbow design! :)

Monday, April 8, 2019

Art Club Origami

We have started clubs the 3rd quarter, and my club is art!  Big surprise there! :)  For our first project, we've been working on these amazing origami sculptures.  I used to do these in 5th grade when I taught elementary art, but it was a tad difficult for that age.  6-8 grade level is perfect for it.  We started by making the cube, which uses 6 of the same unit folds.  It was a review for many of them, since I taught at two of the feeder schools for this middle school, so that was pretty neat.  Some of them were able to help the others who had never done the cube before, and we were able to quickly move on to our 12 piece sculptures.