Thursday, March 9, 2017

Watercolor winter wonderland in 5th grade

I usually repeat this project every year in 5th grade and this year was no exception.  I had some really nice ones this year too.  We decided to use black tempera for the trees because I've found that few students can get the black watercolor dark enough and they tended to look gray in previous years.  So we did everything else in watercolor and then last painted the foreground trees.

Snowy cityscapes in 4th grade

This is a new project in 4th grade this year and I think it may be a keeper!  We discussed line, shape, perspective, and of course foreground, midground, and background while creating these colorful cityscapes. 

Schulz Self Portraits in 1st grade!

My first graders learned a little about Charles Schulz to create these adorable self portraits.  We drew them together and they added details to make them unique.  I always love to see how cute these turn out.  Each one has it's own personality, just like the students that created them!