Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Song bird collage!

Where did the summer go?!  Our first projects of the school are well under way and they are looking fabulous!  We began the semester with painted paper collages inspired by an artist in Texas, Lisa Morales.  She creates paper painted and mixed media collages that are amazing and so beautiful.  You can check out her work here: https://www.lisamoralesmixedmedia.com/

 Painted paper collage worked well since so many students are still coming and going, schedules are still be adjusted, and other things like that.  We painted paper for a few days, using our plain white drawing paper, and also some printed pieces for a variety of textures for the feathers. If students missed one of the painted paper days, it didn't matter since I cut all of those sheets up into small squares for everyone to use.

We prepared our background for our song birds by painting with a tempera wash.  Students were amused by the history of tempera and the fact that it was once made with egg yolks!  I assured them that our version of tempera was egg free. :)  Here's a few pics of what they're creating so far.

 Painting our papers...

Dry and ready to cut...
Ready for collage!