Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not so scary scarecrows in 1st grade!

This project covers several of our elements of art and principals of design, including line, shape, color, repetition, balance, and the list goes on!  We can also learn a little about more about drawing the face and use what they've learned previously about drawing self portraits.  These are so cute, every single one of them has so much character!

Friday, October 16, 2015

4th grade Spooky Halloween Houses

This is one of those projects I repeat each year in 4th grade.  They seem to get better.  The colors were especially vibrant this year! 

We discuss unity and line, as well as artistic styles with this project.  I think they enjoy the fact that they don't have to make their lines straight. 

They are still finishing up some coloring but I couldn't wait to post them! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sneak Peeks!! Pumpkins, scarecrows, haunted houses, spiders and cats on a fence!

A few things we're working on this week! I can't wait to share the finished pieces!  

Kindergarten is learning about overlapping, line, and shape in their pumpkin paintings:

First grade is whipping up some excellent scarecrows using what they know about line, shape, and self portraits:

2nd grade is still working diligently on their Grant Wood pumpkin farms, learning about depth and foreground/midground/background.  I didn't get pics of theirs just yet! 

3rd grade is practicing their spider web drawing skills with line and shape (webs are drawn on the back):

4th grade is learning about unity and artistic style in their whimsical haunted houses:

Fifth grade is studying abstract art and will also be learning about blending in a circle with paint next week:

More pictures to come!!