Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monitor and adjust! Self portraits in paint!

Being at two schools has its disadvantages... One being the lack of matching supplies!  As much as possible, I try to be sure I have the same stock at each school, however sometimes I run out and have to improvise!  For example, I was out of black construction paper at one of my schools when we began self portraits... So, instead of just coloring on white paper with regular crayons, I decide to let them paint.  I am so glad I had this little mishap, as the results turned out beautifully!


  1. Dear Mrs Crisco. I have just found your site and I'm loving it. You have amazing ideas and from my perspective you've achieved a perfect balance between process and product in the children's work creation. I'm aware that many people think that the process in creating art is the only important thing but I think there should be a balance between process and product. I'm inspired by your work. I will let you know when I use one of your ideas and I will put a link to your blog post. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much for your nice comments! I'd be honored for you to use any of my ideas! I can't always take full credit, as the inspiration often comes from another artist or Pinterest, but I try to give credit to those I borrow from as well! Thanks again!