Monday, May 2, 2016

Chalk it up!

Earlier this week we had a day where our schedule was a bit crazy and I had kids that I'd had the day before plus a new group.  Soooo... Rather than try to work in two places at once, we took our learning outside with sidewalk chalk.  

Actually we looked at a few Julian Beever sidewalk art first. ;)

Just plain awesomeness.  I love his stuff! I also found a few fast forward "making of..." Sidewalk art videos that were so fun to watch! Like this one:

Once outside, they learned how to make a compass with a piece of string, chalk and a pencil, and we began filling in our mosaic with color.  A bit different from Julian Beever but still turned out pretty awesome!!! 

 Each grade level got to work on a few rings of the design that day.

I'm not sure why I got so much of the brick instead of the students... But at least you can see their artwork!! :)

That afternoon, they had done such a fabulous job that I was running low on chalk...Soooo... My littles used chalk on paper instead.  Also because keeping them contained as much as possible with art supplies is always a good idea! ;)

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