Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Getting ready for a new year!

Obviously this did not post on the correct date as it should have!  PLEASE Blogger bring back the app to make it easier for this art teacher to upload photos! I had this post ready to go and evidently when the app closed, it did not upload, so we are well into September! These are from the August workdays.  I have 2 classrooms to set up so I thought I'd share some photos! 

New caddies at Badin!  For years I've used blue and yellow caddies but it was hard for the kids to distinguish which belonged to which table.  So to go along with my table colors, I added ribbons this year.  

I've had this sign for a while and I'm shocked it's still intact after all these years of hanging on my door, exposed to the ahem... elements?  Yes it's an interior door to a hallway, but sometimes things get a little disheveled out there! You know, almost as if a tornado went through? :) 

Ready to fill this space with creative kidlets! :) Enjoy your week! 

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