Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More origami!

It's the time of year when students are beginning to get burned out on school, and teachers are too!  So I try to save my origami specifically for this time of year to keep them interested.  They love doing origami, so I like to include a little of it each year.

5th grade begins a series of origami models that use the same unit fold.  It's neat because when they learn the unit fold, they can make up to three different models!  Two are shown below, the cube and the multiplex challenge, which is the hardest with 12 pieces of paper! 

Making the unit folds....

 LOTS of unit folds!!

 Third grade makes "fox boxes"  They get the name from the unit folds.  Before they are put together, each piece looks like a fox face!


  1. I would love to know more about the fox box technique! Can you pass along some pointers or refer me somewhere to learn?

    1. I was able to find a tutorial on YouTube to make the fox box :) So fun!! I have been teaching the cube to my 4th graders for several years now. I can't wait to play with figuring out the multifiguration! My kids will love that once they master the cube!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. Hi Laura! I attempted to reply to your comment last week but it didn't show up! Sorry about that! I was actually working on posting instructions for the fox box and have the pictures ready to post, but we had a big winter storm last week so I didn't get to it! So glad you found some instructions! My students LOVE origami and always beg to do it! Best of luck!