Monday, February 17, 2014

Fox Box Instructions

I posted the fox boxes at the end of last year and had someone ask for the instructions, so here they are!  I hope you can make sense of the pictures, sometimes its difficult to see the folds in photographs!
Start with three squares, I used 6 inch squares for my fox box.  

Fold one square in half on the diagonal.

Then fold in half again, and unfold, leaving a guide fold.

Fold each bottom corner up to the top corner, lining the edge up with the guide fold crease, forming a diamond.  These will become the fox's ears.

Rotate the unit around and fold up the inside layer of paper to make the fox's nose. 

Repeat these steps with the remaining two squares...

To assemble, turn the fox faces all toward the center, with the back of the heads all turned out, and remember that the mouths eat the ears!  Insert both ears of one fox into the mouth of another...

Then slide them together as far as they will go...

Carefully put the ears of the last fox into the mouth of the partially assembled piece... that leaves a set of ears and a mouth....

Insert the last set of ears into the only remaining "mouth."

Wiggle the pieces together, trying to close up the opening on each side where all the colors come together.  Now you're finished! :)  Sometimes if students finish early, I allow them to challenge themselves by making a smaller box, and then smaller, to see how small they can make one!  Have fun!


  1. Awesome instructions! Sorry it took me almost a year to check back!!

  2. No problem! Sounds like me, it takes me forever to respond on my blog sometimes!! Good luck with your fox boxes!!