Monday, September 21, 2015

More 3rd Dot Day Creatures

I posted a few of these last week so I'm following up with a few more!  I love how creative students got with this project!  I gave them just a few guidelines, discussing symmetry for their creature as well as that it should be made MOSTLY with dots.  At the end they could add a few non-dot details such as antennas and feet.  

This one reminds me of the Gru's dog in Despicable Me!  :)

She said, "it's a Koala bear with her baby!" I was impressed! 

I can't wait to display these!  They all turned out so awesome!


  1. Could you tell me what type of paper you used to create the owls and what type of paint you used with the owls and chameleons? If canvas, is there a type of paper you would suggest using instead? I am planning to do the owl project with my grandchild's class over several days. I am a retired teacher that still loves to do art with the kids!! They miss so much in school today!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! Most of my projects are done on white sulfite drawing paper. I prefer Crayola Artista II tempera paints because they are nice and thick and behave much like acrylics, yet are still washable. :) Good Luck!