Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sneak Peeks!! Pumpkins, scarecrows, haunted houses, spiders and cats on a fence!

A few things we're working on this week! I can't wait to share the finished pieces!  

Kindergarten is learning about overlapping, line, and shape in their pumpkin paintings:

First grade is whipping up some excellent scarecrows using what they know about line, shape, and self portraits:

2nd grade is still working diligently on their Grant Wood pumpkin farms, learning about depth and foreground/midground/background.  I didn't get pics of theirs just yet! 

3rd grade is practicing their spider web drawing skills with line and shape (webs are drawn on the back):

4th grade is learning about unity and artistic style in their whimsical haunted houses:

Fifth grade is studying abstract art and will also be learning about blending in a circle with paint next week:

More pictures to come!!

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