Monday, November 2, 2015

Cats on the fence in 5th grade

My fifth graders are finishing up their paintings this week.  They practiced blending in a circle for the background and we also discussed many different types of lines as we drew these together. It's always a struggle to get them to fill the page with their artwork but I think they nailed it with this project!  


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    1. Thanks Brenda! I thought they did an awesome job as well! :)

    2. Do you have a step by step for the artistically challenged? :) I love this and would love for my 5th graders to get to do it! Thanks!

    3. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I will try to do an updated post if we have a chance to do these again this year! In the meantime, maybe this will help:

      1. Draw a zig zag line across the middle
      2. Draw pumpkins at the bottom, two big in each corner and another to overlap one in the middle
      3. Draw the cats' heads FIRST, so they don't make them too small. :) Then the bodies can be lamp shaped or pear shaped. As long as they get the head right, the body will look good as any shape.
      4. Add the tails.
      5. Paint the sky, blending white with blue in a circular direction, ignoring the cat outlines, mine were still be able to see them through the paint once it dried.
      6. Paint the pumpkins next, then the fence and the cats last.

      Hopefully that will help! Thanks again!

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