Thursday, January 7, 2016

Whew.... Who knew snowflakes could be so hard?!

After a particularly disastrous snowflake-cutting lesson this week, I think I have learned my lesson as well!  I was tasked with decorating the Christmas tree in our school auditorium for the holiday program, so I was determined to use some student work this year.  Usually there is not enough time for us to create anything in art for the tree.  We are usually still finishing up fall projects until the beginning of December, and by then, it's too late.  So... In a last minute decision, I attempted snowflakes with 4th grade.  Thinking how much fun it would be and how "everyone needs to know how to cut a snowflake correctly, right?!" Riiiight. Maybe not.  

  It's all in the folding I told them... It was downhill from there!  Bless their hearts they tried so hard!  We did end up with a good good, no, GREAT ones though!! 

Lesson #1,436....Paper snowflakes... Harder than I thought. :)

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