Friday, February 12, 2016

More winter projects!

Here are a few of the projects we've been working on lately!  

4th grade created these snowy value landscapes.  We did this project a bit backwards to achieve the values in the snow.  We painted our entire paper first with shades of blue and white.  Then drew our trees and painted the snow between them.  The blue shows through the white just enough to create the shady areas.  Last we painted the trees.  I feel as if they need just a little something else but I'm just not sure what... 

This project is an awesome "fast-finisher" project for students that have completed their work early.  We trace the heart shapes first.  Then fill the abstract shapes created by the overlapping lines with simple but bold patterns.  Younger students just color the abstract shapes.  We used color sticks for these. 

5th grade is going to the opera!!!  A 5th grade teacher at one of my schools asked if their classes could create flowers to take to the opera.  They were supposed to bring paper flowers for the singers.  So we took a little break from our winter project to create these giant flowers.  Early spring anyone?  :)

Another one of those cute little first grade snowmen!! 

Third grade finished up their birch trees this week.  This is one of my favorite projects. (I know... I have a lot of favorites!!  But this one really is!)  I just love how the black lines make the trees pop!

Another 4th grade winter tree and Valentine project combined!!  

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