Thursday, April 14, 2016

zebra surrealism!!

This is of my favorite projects for 5th grade that I repeat almost every year.  It's great for learning about surrealism and the anatomy of the eye.  We look at artists who painted surrealistic paintings like Dali. Of course their favorite is The Persistence of Memory.  They love the melting clocks, and who can blame them?! They're so cool! 

We also discuss the parts of the eye,  what their purpose is, and why they're the color that they are.  When they discover that the pupil is a hole in their eye it completely grosses them out!  Ha!

Last, we use our favorite method of shading with analogous colors.  They use their color wheels to determine the best combinations for their stripes.  Using watercolor, we paint each part in a specific order so certain areas are dry for the next step, like the eyelashes.  No one likes an exploding eyelash. :)

I'll post finished pieces when we're done!  

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